evangelionumber1 said: ohhh youre so cleaver courtney

Clever enough to be able to spell clever…


deadlysnakes-deactivated2013101 said: sexxx and harry potter, best thing ever <3 especially when ur doing both at the same time


Mrs. Worsham: Just a few things.



  • We love, love, love being home (our actual home, I don’t call Florida home).
  • We go back to Florida two weeks from today exactly. Boo :(
  • Yesterday we boarded the dogs for the very first time. I cried like a baby leaving them, but we picked them up this afternoon thank goodness.
  • Olivia is my…
beyoooond excited to meet these ladies tomorrow!!

Woo! So ready for tomorrow, I’ve packed for a whole week! Can’t wait to see Maxim’s reaction when he sees all the animals. :) And so excited for Maxim to see Oliver! Woo!

Sad to admit, but I actually loved this movie&#8230;